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Shoe PrInt Paperstraw Fabric
  • Shoe PrInt Paperstraw Fabric
  • If you want to buy and wholesale fashion, newest, easy-maintainable and customized shoe print paperstraw fabric online from famous shoe print paperstraw fabric manufacturers and suppliers, or if you are going to check the price and pricelist with a shoe p
  • E Stronger Woven (Taizhou) Factory  [Verified]
Ring Shape Ferrite Magnet
  • Ring Shape Ferrite Magnet
  • Ferrite divided barium ferrite (BaO · 6Fe2O3) and strontium ferrite (SrO · 6Fe2O3). High resistivity, is a semiconductor type, so a small eddy current losses, the coercive force, not the merits of demagnetization can be effectively applied in the air gap
  • Dongyang Aviation Magnetic Ltd  [Verified]

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